Final + costume progress

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Got an A!

Today was a productive costume day! More sash detailing:

Also dyed my fur. Here’s the comparison between the original white and my yummy grossness:

Fur dye consisted of one cup of of black acrylic diluted with water and one cup of tea and water, which were pretty much just slopped on there. Sash part needed two coats of the grey.

A horrible picture of the front and Hades the Glued-To-Leg Companion Cat:

I really need to invest in a full-length mirror and a real camera…


Costume Update

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I actually did something productive, yay. I finally got to meet up with a friend who motivates me to work on my costume and so I actually did things to it this weekend, lol. I made the pvc pipe frame for the wings, mapped out the pants, and started on the belt, which I am quite happy with so far.

The green is linen and is being gradated with Copic markers, while the trim and design are craft foam, which I’m going to paint gold. You can also see a corner of the base skull I’m using for my Skull of Gul’dan prop. :> So, yay, progress. Hopefully going to get the pants done on Thursday – found a gorgeous plum linen that I can’t wait to put on.

My painting final is almost done and I cannot wait to finish it. Here are 3 of the better portraits from the last batch I did:

Finishing up portraits + still life + Gogos master copy

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Firstly, I will post progress on my master copy project, which includes a master copy of a famous painting (I chose one of Basil Gogos’ gorgeous Frankenstein portraits) and a different, original portrait using the same color scheme. I did the first part today during class (9×12″, 4-5 hours, oils on canvas board):

Next, I finished my second still life, which made it onto the Art Center’s website as project of the week, yay! ZORN PALETTE:

…Well, I was going to post the last of my self portraits but apparently WordPress has decided to tweak images 10 seconds after I stuck the last one in here. Humbug.

Painting Progress

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Since I am the master of procrastination, I have no costume news aside from my cut wig sitting on my bookshelf waiting for styling and a wireframe for the horns and that I found the most lovely shade of violet bodypaint that I like wearing out to creep people out.

I’ve been making quite a bit of progress with my intro to painting class though and I’m pretty proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish. I’ve worked in acrylics once and never in oils and was absolutely petrified to try not only the technique, but also to use color. We started with a monochromatic palette of black, white, and burnt umber for a still life of bottles:

These are all shitty phone pictures, I apologize. The top is washed out from glare, lol. My second still life is still in the painting room and I keep forgetting to take a picture. >_>

The biggest assignment in this class is painting 20 self portraits over the course of a month (ideally one per day but summer semester is weird). This was frightening at first, not knowing wtf I’m doing and having to paint my own face with all its badness, lol. I really think I’ve learned the most from this assignment though (thanks Nolan, you’re always right, I’ll admit it). I’m still working on my 20 (13 done) but I decided I may as well post what I have, since I’m pretty damn proud of them so far. I cut out a few that are awful but they were peppered in with the ones I am sharing, so this is still a pretty accurate scale of my progress (starting from earliest):

So that’s where I am now. :> I’ll post more as I finish them.

Getting started

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After having a blast at Blizzcon09 and being caught up in costume craze at the renn fest here in Arizona, I decided that, for Blizzcon 2010, I would love to have a “real” costume. I went through a ton of possibilities (paladin T6 or T2.5, Akama, Maiev Shadowsong), making crafting and pricing lists, looking up tutorials on how to make the stuff I needed, and finally decided upon the demon hunter from Warcraft 3 (ah, nostalgia…). I then made the silly decision of upgrading to Illidan Stormrage’s WoW incarnation.

Illidan Stormrage

Yeah, I’m aware he’s shirtless. That will be modified.

I decided to work on the horns first, and if they don’t come out well, then I’m going to scrap the project and just go back to the simple demon hunter. So that’s what I’m working on atm.

Size reference

Two pairs of horns!

I don’t want to go overboard with the scale of the things as I’m a pretty petite person and not anywhere close to super masculine half demon elf man (MANLY MEN!). Next step is paper mache for strength and paperclay for sculpting and detailing. I’m working on a way to hide the head support under my wig and not have to go with a headband, which would just look silly.

The wings are what I’m worried about. I’ve been looking up schematics for moving ones and I think I may get in over my head if I try those… Moar later.


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Gonna be posting updates to my Blizzcon2010 costume and any random crap in my sketchbook I feel like uploading. Thanks for looking. :>