Getting started

After having a blast at Blizzcon09 and being caught up in costume craze at the renn fest here in Arizona, I decided that, for Blizzcon 2010, I would love to have a “real” costume. I went through a ton of possibilities (paladin T6 or T2.5, Akama, Maiev Shadowsong), making crafting and pricing lists, looking up tutorials on how to make the stuff I needed, and finally decided upon the demon hunter from Warcraft 3 (ah, nostalgia…). I then made the silly decision of upgrading to Illidan Stormrage’s WoW incarnation.

Illidan Stormrage

Yeah, I’m aware he’s shirtless. That will be modified.

I decided to work on the horns first, and if they don’t come out well, then I’m going to scrap the project and just go back to the simple demon hunter. So that’s what I’m working on atm.

Size reference

Two pairs of horns!

I don’t want to go overboard with the scale of the things as I’m a pretty petite person and not anywhere close to super masculine half demon elf man (MANLY MEN!). Next step is paper mache for strength and paperclay for sculpting and detailing. I’m working on a way to hide the head support under my wig and not have to go with a headband, which would just look silly.

The wings are what I’m worried about. I’ve been looking up schematics for moving ones and I think I may get in over my head if I try those… Moar later.


~ by lalaface on April 7, 2010.

One Response to “Getting started”

  1. The horns are looking great so far!

    – Jujubee on Cosplay 🙂

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