Gonna be posting updates to my Blizzcon2010 costume and any random crap in my sketchbook I feel like uploading. Thanks for looking. :>


~ by lalaface on April 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “Hi.”

  1. (I saw your blog from Brizzelle’s blogroll)
    Just do static wings :O Moving ones aren’t worth it. From the tutorials and videos I have seen, it seems like they end up being a bit awkward, the movement isn’t really smooth, you can’t get as much design detail in to the actual wing part, and they will probably be a lot heavier. Have you found any tutorial like the Victoria’s secret wings (let me know if you find something like this, I have been looking)? They somehow seem to make really light wireframe wings.

    I’m working on a Twin Valkyr cosplay myself, it is my first time actually making a costume 😦 The wings are proving to be a bit difficult as far as the design but I haven’t had time to really start on it yet.

  2. Yeah, they seem a little too complicated for my experience. I’m still looking around for tutorials that suit my needs; most are for feathered wings, which are far from what I need. ><

    I'll keep you updated though if I do find anything. Not sure if you saw the tutorials on cosplay.com but they are a good start.

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