Illidan: Complete

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Photo taken by Leonard Ortiz of the Orange County Register

Have some pictures!

Blizzcon was a whirl. Day 1 in costume, I pretty much did nothing but attempt to navigate the floor through photographers, then sit backstage for an hour and a half of frivolity before the costume contest. It took us about 2-3 hours to assemble/paint me that morning and I was running on about 3 hours of sleep. Needless to say, I got back to hotel room after the contest and passed out.
List of injuries included bleeding cuts on my feet, bruises on my head from the horns, and pretty much everything being sore from doing lunging poses and having the horns anchored to my neck all day. And wearing heels. Why the hell…
We had alot of trouble keeping my horns and wings straight. The wig was a nightmare. Luckily my spouse actually had fun fussing over me all day, and he ended up averting a few catastrophes (thanks hun :D).

Day 2 I caught the con-plague, which unfortunately cut my fun and the overall trip short. I skipped the Tenacious D concert and walked around the floor to catch up on everything that I had missed (which was, well, everything) and went to the art panels. The cold I got (Illidan learned Infest, hur hur) was so bad that we drove back a day and half early and I missed a ton of time I planned to spend with friends I only get to see once or twice a year. 😦
So on the long car ride back, I of course began thinking of what I wanted to do next year because I still had a fuckton of fun being in costume.

Leading the pack for next year’s possibilities is a femme barbarian from Diablo III:

And if AJ’s nice, I might make him one to match:

Next favorite possibility would be a Maiev and Akama pair, but that would be way more complicated… Still brainstorming! Huzzah. /coughdropandtissues



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Here they are:

Horns wrapped

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Yay, string. Working on wings tomorrow.

Reworking horns

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These ones are going to be fucking massive…
(Sorry for the dirty bathroom. Wish I could’ve gotten my husband to take a picture of both of them on my head so you could see how freaking BIG they are! I love it. My neck will not.)

Nom nom.

New self portrait

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Intermediate painting exercise – oils, 11×14″ ~2 hours

Pants done

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Took me way too long to handsew the fur on. x_x

Will be sanding and painting my horns next.

Sash is done!

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I’m pretty pleased with it!

I do need to fix a little issue with the sides where my trim wasn’t long enough but shouldn’t take me too long tomorrow.